Day 2 | Relaxing Sunny Day

Due to jet lag, woke up at 4:00AM and already felt energetic and pumped up, but really only slept for 4 hrs! (Managed to fall asleep again till 8:30AM)

Toronto weather today: 5 degrees Celsius!
Heard it was actually a really nice and “hot” weather~ it was a not-so-cold weather (temp below 10 degrees Celsius in Taiwan is considered COLD).

Had brunch at this place called FANCY (dim-sun). I was looking forward to eating dimsun here since they are more authentic than the ones in Taiwan (never been to HK so can’t compare).

Left to right: 魚子燒賣皇, 金菇牛肉腸粉, 豆汁蒸排骨, 炸兩腸粉, 小籠包

My personal favorite is 粉腸,love it ever since I was in middle school. 小籠包 wasn’t that great, would rate it a 1 star outa 5. The rest was ok, I guess I wasn’t that hungry… Everything cost CAD$20, relatively cheap for 2 people.

Went to BMW for a walk~ (so funny how I would say going there for a walk.. Who would normally go to BMW for a “walk”?) saw some cars, but wasn’t too interested cuz it wasn’t like I was there to BUY it, so just sorta glanced through some of the car models, had free drinks (drinks I meant coffee, water, orange juice that sort) , sat down and watched Hockey game for awhile and left. But I like the working atmosphere there~ everyone seemed so laid back and relaxed. Haha~ not as intense as Asia countries I suppose~


In the afternoon went shopping at Fairview, one of Toronto’s biggest shopping centre with 175 stores!! Shopped for 3 hrs straight!!! (my back knee was killing me…), BUT! I got a long sleeve tee from Aritzia, and a winter jacket from North Face (my belated b-day present~ YAY!) Also got some things from Victoria’s Secret, what were they? well…. it’s a secret! *wink wink*



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