Winter | Toronto


It’s my second week in Toronto, and I am definitely feeling the weather!
Sometimes it looks so sunny and calm outside when you wake up, but the actual coldness hits u once you step outside. The sub zero degree temperature and ice-cutting wind? It’s so much colder than my freezer!!!!

Let’s see how the weather affect me. First of, my skin starts drying up (I have a really oily skin and thought the weather here suits me perfectly, but so wrong). I have put on lotions that I thought was greasy for me back in Taiwan, and it’s still not hydrating enough!! Here are the products I use…

ORBIS Lotion-M Oil Cut
CLINIQUE even better essence lotion&moisture surge intense skin fortifying hydrator


Second, my hand skin are also peeling..sorta like frost bite. So every time after washing my hands gotta put on some hand lotion. For me Glysomed Handcream has been working wonders!


Last but not least, my hair! Lately it’s been too dry and I get hair frizz when I wake up in the morning… Had to make sure I really dry my hair, not leaving it half wet, and also apply Moroccan Oil for my hair tips to keep it smooth and straight.

p.s. Also hate the static electricity shock I get everywhere…. Even touching my doggy!



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