Blue Mountain | Ontario


First time snowboarding!!!
Excited and scared all at the same time…why?
Cuz everyone kept telling me I’ll fall a lot and will feel sore the next day.
I’m fine with feeling sore, but not the falling a lot part where you could probably get yourself injured…

Anyways! It was a 3 days 2 nights trip, and we left around 11:00a.m. and arrived at 3:30p.m. (did some shopping in the middle, or the road trip from Toronto to Blue Mountain is around 2 hrs).

We stayed at Weider Lodge for around CAD$800 (6 people, 3 days 2 nights).
Room Type: Village Two Bedroom Suite (Approx. 879 sq ft.)
Pretty spacious, probably could fit around 10 people just in the living room! 
Room Amenities: Air-conditioning, balcony/patio/, cable TV, clock radio, Wi-Fi, fireplace (gas), hairdryer, Iron/ironing board, full kitchen consisting of fridge, stove, microwave, coffee maker, toaster, dishwasher, dishes, glassware & cutlery for 6 settings, soaker tub, sofa bed, table and chairs, Portable DVD player available upon request.
I wouldn’t say they had FREE Wi-Fi, cuz you actually need to pay for it.
↑Living Room: with sofa bed(double bed), dining table, fire place, TV
↑Kitchen: has cooking pan, plates, bowls, cups, knives, utensils, can opener, etc. pretty much everything you need.
↑Bedrooms: (left)two twin beds, (right) king bed – can sleep with 3 people!
↑Outdoor Jacuzzi: could fit more than 10 people, nice and relaxing

Pretty much the first day when we arrived, we geared up and headed to bunny hill. The weather was nice and sunny, so it was actually a perfect weather to snowboard. The only downside was, the snow was icy, not fluffy, so you could imagine how much it would hurt if you actually fell… I fell around 5~6 times, heard I was actually doing pretty good for a beginner! I guess skateboarding helped!!! (hehe) but the last 2 times I felt, I actually landed on my tailbone, it hurt so much my tears just bursted… and I sorta gave up cuz I couldn’t risk falling on the same spot again (or else I think it might crack…haha) but I had to say it was fun!

The second day, since my butt really hurt, we decided to walk around the village, and boy it was freezing cold!!! My toes were freezing even wearing boots!
It was my first time trying Beavertails, pretty good~but hard to eat with gloves on! And with all the wind and hair getting in the way…would recommend to eat in indoors, or somewhere not windy!

After the walk in the village, we decided to go snowshoeing!
I thought it was gonna be mountain climbing of some sort, but we really just walked around the golf court…but it was a nice experience. Someone almost fell into the pond, when there was a sign that said “careful, thin ice.”

We even lined up to get free t-shirt from Mountain Dew! It took more than an hr to wait in line…

After getting some free drinks and t-shirts, we decided to go for jacuzzi! A perfect weather for a warm hot jacuzzi! What a perfect way to relax and end the evening… really felt sleepy afterward, so wouldn’t recommend doing this in the morning!

Last day of our trip, we checked out at 11:00a.m., and ate at an Irish Restaurant–MJ Byrne’s.
Food was great, music…not so good…even heard a kid at the other table asking his mom, “what is this music?!”

We left around 3:00p.m. and arrived Toronto around 5:30p.m.
Kinda miss it there and wish the trip would’ve been longer!
Weider Lodge was a great place to stay with a reasonable price, cuz it’s right by the village, you could walk to rental place in 3 minutes, or go skiiing, snowboarding in just 1 min! And if you don’t feel like doing outdoor events, you could also stay home and relax at the front porch for BBQ or jacuzzi!


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