Greek Food–First time!

One of the luxuries of Toronto that I can think of, is the varieties of food they have here.

Even Taiwan is known for “gluttony”, cuz so many cheap and good food where you can eat eat eat all the time, but they are pretty much the same thing.

Anyways! it was my first time around Greek Town, and we went to Messini Authentic Gyros. Been around since 2002.
Since it was my first time, really didn’t know what to order, so for appetizer we got Saganaki and Greek French Fries. My personal favorite was Greek French Fries, I was a bit upset about the Saganaki cuz I heard the cheese was supposed to be on fire when served, but it wasn’t on fire…
↑Saganaki–Greek style fried cheese

↑Greek Fries–French fries topped with feta cheese olive oil and oregano

As for salad, we ordered Greek Salad, it was refreshing, cuz after the two appetizers, my stomach was feeling a bit greasy.. so the salad was really welcoming to the mouth and stomach.

For our main dish, we ordered Gyro Pitas, it’s kinda like a sandwich from Greek and it’s typically made with pork. But in this restaurant, you could get lamb or chicken! Aside from the proteins, pita is stuffed with chopped tomatoes, mild white raw onions and tzatziki sauce, and for extra bonus… french fries!
I’d have to say the chopped pork was a bit too dry, it was hard to chew on, and the yogurty-cheese-like tzatziki sauce with extra french fries were just too much! (my stomach was crying out: too much oil and calories!!) If I only ordered gyro, maybe I’d savour it more. So unless your famished, I suggest don’t order too much appetizers.


Overall I like it, but since it was my first time eating Greek food, I really can’t compare.
Hopefully I’ll get to try some other authentic Greek restaurant in the future! 

Rating: ✭✭✭½


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