How to overcome jet lag?

International flights are usually the worst, especially flying from west to east in economy class (approx. 13-15 hrs for direct flight) and arriving the destination country in early morning!

The question is, sleep? Or try to stay awake till probably 9:00pm?

What I did was…the latter one, and boy I regretted it! Cuz if you think about it, pretty much I stayed awake for the entire night without sleep, and think about how terrible you would feel the next day when you wake up in the morning? I felt fatigue, dizziness, had indigestion problem, no appetite, and so on.

So I was thinking, why was it easier for me to adapt to jet lag when I flew from east to west? And I came to a conclusion: I slept when I arrived!

My flight from TPE-YYZ is around 13 hrs, took off at 7:30pm and landed around 8:00pm. So I could actually rest after landing and wake up during the morning and not feel too groggy. But the flight from YYZ-TPE is 15 hrs, and we took off at 1:30am, arriving at 5:30am. I guess that really made a big difference.

So first thing I would suggest is… Rest. Rest for at least a bit before starting off your day if you can.

Other suggestions on adjusting to new time zone would be…
Expose yourself to daylight, cuz light helps you “reset” your body clock.
Drink caffeinated drinks in moderating during the day.
Avoid alcohol or caffeinated drinks before going to sleep.

But we know we can’t really avoid jet lag, but it’d be best to know how to adjust to local time ASAP 🙂


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