Light cafe (路燈咖啡) | Shida。Taipei

One thing I love about Taiwan is the coffee shop! Great interior design, relaxing, comfortable, some you could even just order a cup of coffee and just sit there for the entire afternoon!

Today I met up with few friends. So I went online to search for a good place to hang out and chat with good food to enjoy around Shida night market(師大夜市), and voila, the newly opened coffee shop called Light cafe (路燈咖啡).20140402-183721.jpg

It’s not in the night market, but somewhere behind the alley. A very quiet location. It was a bit hard to find at first, because you couldnt see the coffee shop signs, but not too hard to miss with all the French windows.
Very bright and spacious inside..

For starter, we ordered an Orange Sauce&Smoked Duck Salad (橙汁燻鴨胸沙拉)NT$170
Refreshing and tasty for the palette and stomach, but only craved more for our entree. 


For entree we got Italian Herb Tuna Sandwich with Egg Salad (義式香草鮪魚三明治)NT$140
The egg salad was really good, but if you ordered this dish to share amongst 4 people, I don’t think that egg salad would be enough… the sandwiches were ok. I guess I was expecting a lot more cuz I had this same type of dish at Coffee Alley (咖啡弄), and they have really good sandwiches as well. These weren’t bad, but I think they lacked some seasoning.


As for dessert, we had Waffle with Fresh Strawberry&Strawberry Ice Cream (新鮮草莓冰淇淋鬆餅)NT$160
The plating wasn’t what I was quite expecting either, looked a bit flat. But I guess I was expecting them to put the ice cream and the strawberries on top of the waffle, or at least had some honey or whipped cream…just to make the presentation more appealing. The waffles were a bit dry and hard to cut into, I prefer the ones I had in Melange Cafe (米朗琪咖啡館), really soft and moist (my friend was gonna order a second plate, and he was a GUY! no offense, but he usually doesn’t eat so much waffles! So it really showed how good the waffles were!) 

Everyone of us had to order a drink (一人低銷一杯飲料), so we got Japanese Green Tea Au Lait (熱抹茶歐蕾)–NT$13020140402-221521.jpg
Earl Gray Black Tea (英式伯爵茶)–NT$130
Fresh Fruit Tea (熱水果茶)–NT$150
*I prefer the cold fruit tea, hot ones doesn’t taste good if it’s a bit sour. 20140402-221553.jpg

Usually coffee shops will add another 10% service fee. Each of us paid for $284.
Overall it’s a really nice place to hang out and talk, food wise, I would suggest to come in half full, that way you could just order drinks and a plate of salad or dessert.

Light café 路燈咖啡
Addr: 台北市大安區浦城街4號(Taipower Building Station Exit 3)
Hours of Operarion:Mon~Sun11:00-23:00

Rating: ✭✭✭½


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