Gracious Garden Coffee (慈園咖啡) | 古坑。雲林

Today (April 5th) is Tomb Sweeping Day, aka Qingming Festival (清明節). It is a day when we visit our ancestral graves.

But since our family visited a week earlier to avoid traffic, so today we decided to go hike around the neighborhood–Guey-Lin (桂林). My parents have been there several times, but today was my first time! So excited and pumped!

We parked the car in front of a temple and started our hike. We stopped by a new hostel that was newly built, was small but cozy. For those who are traveling to Yunlin County (雲林縣) for the amusement park (劍湖山世界), this hostel is actually a quiet and nice place to stay at, but requires a car or scooter.

After 2 hrs of walk around the mountain, we drove to Ciguang Temple (慈光寺) and had lunch at a place called Gracious Garden Coffee(慈園咖啡).

It had an wide open space with a beautiful garden and look-out view. You could actually see the fairy’s wheel from Janfusun Fancyword(劍湖山世界)!
20140406-212815.jpgWe were actually really hungry after the hike, so we all ordered a meal! The food usually up in the mountain are much more expensive…but the scenery is sth you can’t buy with money. Although it’s quite costly…just try to enjoy the view, chill, and relax!

20140406-212715.jpgItalian Grilled Pork Rib 義式香烤豬肋排NT$290
To my surprise, it was actually very delicious and tasty! Had all these herbal taste on the pork ribs, and they were well seasoned and the meat was tender, not hard to chew at all!

20140406-212725.jpgVegetarian Hot Pot養生素食鍋 – NT$280
The soup had a chinese herbal taste, but tasty as well.Had to steal some veggies from this hot pot cuz the italian pork ribs didn’t have too much vegetables.

20140406-212733.jpgNorwegian Mackerel with onions 挪威鯖魚洋蔥燒  – NT$330
Mackerel is one of my favorites! And I must say it tasted delicious too! I’ve eaten few that were not fresh and I couldn’t even eat another piece. I wasn’t expecting the fish to be fresh up on the mountain either, but it wasn’t bad at all!

Opening Hour: 11:00am-11:00pm
Tel: 05-582-7585
Fax: 05-582-5999
Addr: 雲林縣古坑鄉永光村大湖口1-3號

Review: ✭✭✭✭✩


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