Spring Sheer Style

Seems like sheer skirt is the newest trend for spring 2014! 

photo credit: GLAMOUR

Sheer skirt style was actually condemned before the 1900’s. What was more surprising was the Chief of Police of Los Angeles recommended a law banning women from wearing x-ray dress on the streets! But I must say, these semi-transparent clothing are very appealing and catching to the public’s eyes. People probably just wanna double check to see if you are actually wearing pants underneath (i guess?)
I bought a black sheer long skirt last year, and I thought this year it would be outa fashion, but glad that it’s not~! I really like the cut and how it flows while you walk!

Here are few that I like~

↑東京著衣 透肌花紗層次及膝圓裙 NT$390
↑東京著衣 透肌感綁帶雪紡長裙 NT$450

Where to buy: Tokichoi


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