ME&WE Gel Nail

Was shopping yesterday at Eslite located in Sonshang Cultural Park (松煙誠品),there were so many interesting restaurants and shops on the second floor!

There was a place where you can custom design your own music box, there was also a place where you could hand-make your own rings!  For more store info, click here.

As I headed down to the first floor, there was this store that looked like they were selling colorful macarons, it just grabbed my attention so I went forward and they were actually selling nail polish! 
The lady there said I could chose any colors and try it. There were so many I didn’t know which ones to chose, usually I’d go for darker colors so my hands would look whiter, but this time I just grabbed a baby pink one.  The lady asked me if I wanted the nail to last for 2 weeks or just few days, since I don’t really like to put on nail polish, cuz kinda feels suffocating, so I said just for 3 days. 20140501-114628.jpgShe applied the color on and asked me to put my hand under the LED light. I asked her if I didn’t buy this UV light what would happen, and she said, “it will not dry”. That was when I realize ME&WE isn’t those regular nail polish we use, but they were actually gel nail! So every time you put a layer on, your finger has to go under the light for around 30 seconds and reapply.
I only tried the color on my pinky, with 3 coats of gel nail and 1 layer of top coat. Looks glossy and rich!
20140501-143115.jpgI asked her how I should remove it, she said,”just use hot water that’s hotter than the temp you use to shower.” And I thought,”what? really? I shower with really HOT water… I don’t think it will last a day then.” let’s see what happened…

It was definitely peeling off already~~~! I guess in the future if I really want it to last, I’ll have to apply a base coat. But without the base coat, I think it’s probably easier on the skin~ cuz you wouldn’t need to use a nail polish remover !
I’m not a big fan of nail polish, but applying once in awhile is fun~ esp when you can just do it at home!
20140501-114618.jpgME&WE Official Website


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