All time favorite shampoo!

What do you care for when you shop for shampoo?
The scent? The flavor? The texture? The ingredients?

Since I wash my hair every day, I’ve tried a lot of brands of shampoo… Such as DOVE, Pantene, Asience, L’oreal, Aquair, Essential, Pert, Head&Shoulder, Macherie, Lux, Mane ‘nTail, Moroccan Oil, Herbal Essence, 花王, etc. (you get the picture…)

Outa all the brands, I’ve always wanted to find the one that would make my hair smell nice for the entire day and more importantly, no greasy hair, esp during summer time in Taiwan! But none of them met the standard…:( until I met…

Herbal Essences Naked!20140503-003058.jpg

I bought this in Canada. I was just shopping for some shampoo, and while looking around and smelling each flavor, I saw the “purity” of this shampoo and was immediately captivated by it! I heard it would be smart to buy shampoo that’s not milky like, esp for people who was their hair daily, heard it makes your hair even more greasy. (So…check√!)

Then I opened the cap and took a sniff… Pure, light, soft fruity smell with small hint of mint. (Intriguing… check again√!)

So in the end I got Herbal Essence Naked –White Grapefruit and Mint Extract–shampoo and conditioner 300ml to try out!20140503-004016.jpg

The first time using the shampoo and conditioner… Boy I was so surprised by the smell, sometimes it even wakes me up in the middle of the night cuz it smells so good! And throughout the whole day, the smell just lingered…(!!!)

I have to say, my friend went to a bar and her hair smelled like cigarette when she came back. It usually took her to wash it 3 times to get the odor off, but when she tried out my shampoo, she immediately fell in love with it and was also aghast by the long lasting smell!

Too bad Taiwan doesn’t sell this… Or else it might be a big hit;) but then I would be concern that everyone smells the same… Haha:)  Taiwan does sell it!! you could get them at watsons! (updated: 2014/05/10)

Please feel free to share your favorite shampoo as well~ ❤


4 thoughts on “All time favorite shampoo!

  1. I HATE the fact that Paris water is calcified, it’s 硬水everywhere!! So that means drinking water tastes awful, and more importantly shower water is horrible for hair. It leaves lots of mineral residue on hair which when not removed in long term it clogs hair roots and they start falling out… so my hair now is awfully 粗 and i’m getting bald 😦
    Can’t wait to go back to TW!!!!! (has nothing to do w shampoo??)

  2. Dunno, but Spain’s tap water is sooo tasty!! (i’ve got VERY low expectations now). It’s really soft and sweet like TW’s. oh tw……

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