Taipei 101 Run Up !

Taipei 101 Run Up is an annual international sporting event, scale of 91 floors, a total of 2046 steps!
When I first came back from Toronto, my friends asked me if I would be interested, and as much as it sound silly to climb 91 floors, I gladly accept the challenge! And today was THE day!!!

We got there at 9:30a.m and there were crowds of people waiting in line for body check up. We waited for more than an hr!!! Had to complain that even though this year was their 10th year, but everything was so unorganized. We didn’t know even know where the starting line was or which number is was going next… anyways… it was kinda a mess.. and we were supposed to start at 10:30am., but I think I ended going up at 12:30pm. 20140504-210744.jpg

As I started going up 3rd floor… and realized that I wasn’t even on the 5th floor yet, I thought to myself, “why did I join this competition again?” …but I just kept walking up without thinking too much. Thought music would help, but I don’t think I was even paying attention to it…Rested almost every 10th floor..and as I got to 50th floor, I thought,”well, at least half way through! 41 more floors to go!!” (It was really a mind battle.. my legs weren’t painful nor sore, but I was panting a lot…) Finally when it was the 80th floor, it was much easier cuz only 11 more floors left!!!

That was the 89th floor!!! 2 more~~~ and arrived!!!! yay!!!
Even though the weather was foggy, but didn’t kill my mood~~ So happy I made it all the way to the top and didn’t give up! 🙂20140504-210812.jpg

One of my friends completed the climb in 26 min!!! So proud of her 🙂 20140504-210859.jpg

Taipei 101 Race Up is considered one of the most difficult climbing challenges in the world, it is also listed as one of the greatest climbing competitions by U.S. Tower Running World Cup and Europe’s Vertical World Circuit.   Once again~ we did it!!! so proud of us 🙂 🙂 🙂


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