Summer nail polish fun

Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve last posted something here! (Been slacking off ><!)

From my last blog, y'all probably know I'm not a big fan of nail polish. But not sure if cuz it's summer time or sth, lately been purchasing ünt bright color nail polish for fun~ (plus, it's on sale. Only cost NT$200 for 2!! )

The first 2 colors I bought was blue and pink with some sparkles inside ~


The pink sparkled one is my all time favorite, but a bit hard to remove.

As for today, I bought 2 other colors:
Pink and macaron purple!


ADORABLE color!! The macaron purple was a bit hard to get it even, but I tried!

Although once again, not big fan or nail polish, but I have to admit, it does bring out good mood 🙂

Anyone who’s interested in ÜNT, shop here:



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