Beautiful or not? 美的定義?

This video has been popping up everytime I wanted to watch a movie, or listen to a song. Normally without even thinking I would wait for the 5 second count down, and quickly press “skip ad”.

But today I hesitated and decided to give it a shot. And to my surprise, it was another video made by DOVE. Actually very touching and makes you think twice.

I’ve never considered myself pretty, probably had to do with the way I was brought up. I was constantly being told that I have a big butt, a squeaky voice, dark skin, etc. And with the perception of beauty nowadays on magazines, tv shows, really lowers one’s self-esteem (even myself included!).

What is beauty? who can define what beauty is?

美到底是由誰來定義的? 有個朋友跟我說過, 因為我們每天在鏡子前面都會看到自己的樣子..細紋, 痘疤, 斑點都看得一清二楚. 但在其他人的眼中其實這些“缺點”都是無法看到的.

A friend of mine once told me, we look at ourselves in the mirror everyday that we see our tiniest flaws. But from other people’s eyes, they cannot see the flaws you see of yourself.

Think it is important to know yourself, to understand yourself, and most importantly, love yourself.


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