Japanese Curry 日式咖哩


Ingredients 材料 (6人份):
Potatoes 馬鈴薯2顆
Carrot 紅蘿蔔1條
Chicken breast 雞胸肉1份
Onion 洋蔥1顆
Curry 咖哩塊6個

1. 先將馬鈴薯、紅蘿蔔、洋蔥與雞胸肉切小丁
2. 將平底鍋熱油後下去炒一下,食材不需要炒到熟~只是要先炒香
3. 將炒好的食材全部倒進過子裡面,加水淹過食材
4. 待水滾約15-20分鐘拿叉子戳紅蘿蔔,軟了即可加入咖哩塊,攪拌至完全融化即可。

↑Step 1: Slice carrot, onion, potatoes and chicken breast into dices. Put in a heating fry pan and mix ingredients. Doesn’t need to be fully cooked, this process is just to get the flavor out.
↑Step 2: Pour all the ingredients into a pot, add water till it covers the ingredients. Wait for 15-20min, use a fork to poke through the carrot, if penetrates easily, then you are ready to add curry.   ↑Step3: Add in a whole box of curry (around 6 pcs) and make sure stir till they melt completely, and ready to serve!



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