Niagara-on-the-lake 兩日一夜尼加拉瀑布旅遊

難得的放連假一定要出去玩的啊! 朋友邀請我跟S先生一同出遊走走,但因為計劃時間太短,很多飯店都滿了。原本要往那邊跑的,結果找不到飯店情況下只能轉移陣地,跑去Niagara-on-the-lake。距離瀑布開車還要半小時,但據說是一個小城市,天氣好適合走走逛逛。 第一天抵達,我們先去吃中餐,在一家泰式餐廳,因為肚子餓死了,所以只拍了前菜,主餐完全忘記要拍了 😂。 主餐還不錯吃,前菜的湯一個過鹹一個太甜。只有芒果沙拉的嘟嘟好。

Gracious Garden Coffee (慈園咖啡) | 古坑。雲林

Today (April 5th) is Tomb Sweeping Day, aka Qingming Festival (清明節). It is a day when we visit our ancestral graves. But since our family visited a week earlier to avoid traffic, so today we decided to go hike around the neighborhood--Guey-Lin (桂林). My parents have been there several times, but today was my first … Continue reading Gracious Garden Coffee (慈園咖啡) | 古坑。雲林